Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #3-2009

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Russia: results of 2008, trends of 2009

The brewing industry and market continue growing, in spite of the consumption decline. During the first half year the market has grown by 8-10% in monetary terms and can reach the level of 500,000 mln. ruble by the end of the year. The ruble stabilization and malt price fall are to positively effect the companies’ profitability. Besides, the market leaders worked hard at costs cutting, developing the resource base and optimizing production and logistics. Since the year start, Efes and «Baltika» have been showing the best dynamics. But unlike the past years, only regional breweries can boast of beer output growth.

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Ukraine: market structure

Early in 2008 there were expectations of beer market moderate growth while its development tendencies were quite positive but the year ended with decline and instability. The turning period for the whole Ukrainian economy “October-November” 2008 has changed the trends which had existed previously. We analyzed all the aspects of market development and companies’ competitive positions before and after the economy crisis onset.

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Belarus: investments into the perspective

In spite of the serious setback of production, a row of companies managed to succeed at the Belarus market. Notwithstanding the import growth resumption, alteration of consumer’s preference and state regulation still allow the national producers to develop. Besides a host of investment projects, targeted at production expansion, design improvement and distribution chain development have been completed or are being carried out by Belarus brewers.

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Kazakhstan: industry and market economy

Since the beginning of 2008 the brewing industry has been exhibiting a fluctuating growth dynamics though in other countries of Eastern Europe beer production was still growing slowly. The protracted production setback and transition from beer market stagnation to recession were caused by government regulation, economy crisis and poor weather.

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