RASTAL – beautiful glasses and much more

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RASTAL – beautiful glasses and much more

RASTAL presents a first – beer truffles, along with know-how, quality, service and good taste

RASTAL, the leading enterprise with products in the fields of drinking-glass design, drinking-glass production and decoration enjoys an international presence. Product know-how acquired and expanded over decades has made RASTAL the sought-after and expert partner everywhere when beverages, the hospitality sector and service are theme number one.

Presentation and performance
RASTAL does not only make the “bespoke suit” for a beverage, it also thinks ahead to benefit its customers. The unique knowledge of the sector it possesses as glass supplier has allowed it in the meantime to develop comprehensive consulting services. For in the field of beverages  enjoyment and service, a wide spectrum of different market requirements and conditions has developed in which new paths in marketing and brand concepts are constantly being sought. In integrated approaches, core messages of new or established brands are being adapted as basis for cross-marketing concepts.  Around the core theme, the beverage, powerful performance is created for every guest, from perfect logistics to the visual appeal of the glass, finishing with successful presentation.   

Beer truffles from Sabine Pauly
Latest example: the chocolatier Sabine Pauly, whose reputation meanwhile extends far beyond trade circles, has created for RASTAL three beer truffles which not only provide an unusually enjoyable taste experience as a dessert alternative, they are also ideally suited to be enjoyed together with a beer and its appropriate truffle because the harmony of taste in malt, hops and chocolate is brought to the fore best of all by a glass of chilled, refreshing beer. In tune with the current trend in the field of enjoyment, the theme “beer”, RASTAL is presenting a new, surprising and equally impressively good-tasting beer-oriented variation for gourmets. No longer does the refreshing, uncomplicated and stimulating thirst quencher with a number of varieties stand in the foreground, it is now a legendary beverage rich in tradition and with a wide range of subtly different tastes. Sabine Pauly draws on the particular qualities of pilsner, wheat and dark beer for her unexpected but delicious exclusive creations, thus demonstrating her own individual respect for the fine art of brewing. Especially made for the aroma spectrum of each of the beer varieties, chocolatier Sabine Pauly creates little hand-crafted artworks in her patisserie which, with their refined, harmonized ingredients and love of detail in their making, create a fascinating new taste experience.

– the Hefeweizen truffle with sweet, salty groundnut p?t? is an enticing contrast to the distinct yeast note of wheat beers that beer-connoisseurs value so highly, and thus creates an highly satisfying balance in taste between beer and truffles.
– the Tyrolean smoked ham, premium pilsner and fleur de sel truffle is oriented to the characteristic, smooth-bitter hops note of pilsner and combines this with the sweet-salty aroma of air-dried Tyrolean ham.
– the manjari couverture truffle with dark beer and caramel brings out the “darker” taste notes, the 64% Grand Cru high-grade cacao proportion of the couverture lends the taste spectrum nuances of fine-acidity which perfectly complement the malty-sweet caramel note of the dark beer.

Customer value-added
RASTAL is also working to further extend its position as all-round trendsetter in service and beverages enjoyment in the future and to ensure the satisfaction of its customers with imaginative concepts. Leading experts such as the chocolatier Sabine Pauly or the sensory science specialist and sommelier trainer Martin Darting support RASTAL in the development and  market launching of new glass series and innovative, highly-promising ideas in the beverages enjoyment field and hospitality sector. Always in the forefront: customer value-added based on successful brand management and enhancement – also in the periphery of the bars and restaurants sector.