Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #4-2010

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Kvass production and market in Russia

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Catalogue of Russian Kvass Producers

The leading kvass producers in Russia. Registration data, addresses, management and sale proceeds in 2007-2009. 130 enterprises in list.

  • Central region
  • Northwest region
  • South region
  • North-Caucasian region
  • Volga region
  • Ural region
  • Siberian region
  • Far East region

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International Conference ZIP Brew World 2010

From 15 to 17 of October “Juzovsky Brewery” in Donetsk hosted The First International Conference ZIP Brew World. Brewing experts from Europe and CIS countries took part in the event.

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The Survey of Beer Consumption in Ukraine

In August 2010 company GFK Ukraine carried out a comprehensive survey of public opinion and received very interesting to our mind results concerning beer consumption in Ukraine. On the basis of the survey data one can do comparative analysis of consumers by age and gender as well as by the region they live in and the income level. The goal of the survey is to study the attitude to beer and its consumption peculiarities in Ukraine. We publish the presented results unexpurgated.

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