Czech Republic: Budweiser Budvar announces record high in last year’s beer exports

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Budweiser Budvar has exported a total of 604,791 hectoliters of beer, in 58 countries around the world, representing an annual increase of 4.3%, the state-owned brewery said on Thursday. The exported beer volume was the highest during the 115 year history of the brewery. This result is very remarkable regarding the overall market situation. According to the Czech Beer and Malt Association total beer exports from the Czech Republic declined by 12% in 2010. Budweiser Budvar last year significantly strengthened its position as a leading exporter, it said.
The brewery’s leading product is the premium export lager Budweiser Budvar. Total exports of Lager accounted for 90%. About 84% of export volume went to EU countries. The largest export markets in 2010 were Germany, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Austria and Russia.
“Our biggest success is the increase in sales in Germany, which is our most important export region. We reached the highest sales volume in history at 214,408 hectoliters, a 4.7% increase year on year”, said Ing. Renata P?nkov?, Head of export department of Budweiser Budvar.
“In Germany we have extremely loyal customers who consider our premium brand, trustworthy and excellent image. They are therefore willing to pay for enjoying our beer, even the lingering recession in uncertain times higher price that reflects its quality,” added Ing. P?nkov?. Budweiser Budvar’s position in Germany is historically very good – this lager exports to Germany was not interrupted even during the Cold War. Budweiser Budvar was the best-selling imported beer in the German retail stores last year, according to AC Nielsen figures.
“We appreciate the continued success of the Slovak Republic, where our exports are showing steady growth since 2004 and within six years increased by almost half. Despite the introduction of the Euro and the difficult economic situation in the Slovak Republic 2010, we achieved annual growth of 2.2%”, said Ing. P?nkov?.
Last year was also successful in other countries. After the sharp decline in sales in 2009, which was caused by the devaluation of the ruble and other anti-crisis measures, the sale of Budweiser Budvar in Russia increased by 20%. Budweiser Budvar remains the best selling Czech beer in Austria and Switzerland, demanding market has an annual sales increase of 3.9%. Significantly increased exports for example, in Poland (+ 69%), Sweden (+ 36%), Italy (+ 34%), Australia (+ 32%) or New Zealand (+42%). Growth was achieved in the USA (+4%) and Canada (+ 5%).
In China sales almost tripled, thanks to the brewery’s participation at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. In Norway, Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine, sales more than doubled, the brewer said. In 2010, beer exports to India were resumed after six years as well as supplies to the Netherlands. Budweiser Budvar’s export portfolio was also enriched in some countries with new products and packaging. Been the case historically the first delivery of a dark lager in China and Australia, non-alcoholic beer in the Netherlands and a special strong beer, Budweiser Budvar Premier Select (16 ° alcohol content of 7.6% and a maturation period of 200 days) to India, Italy and Australia.