US. New Draught Beer Quality Resources

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The Draught Beer Quality (DBQ) Working Group of the Brewers Association Technical Committee has added new resources to In early 2010, the DBQ Group identified the need for concise, easy-to-read information for use at retail.
With that in mind, the DBQ created a series of one page flyers to communicate critical information about quality beer service to retailers. These flyers will be useful to all sectors of the craft brewing industry and will further the DBQ’s stated mission to improve the quality of draught beer for all beer drinkers.
“The one-pagers allow all those who serve retail customers to point to third-party approved best-practices, with the goal of offering practical solutions to that customer,” according to Rob Gerrity from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. “With the one-pagers, draught beer operators can easily learn about the competitive advantages they need to serve the best draught beer and with the highest efficiency.”
The flyers are full color, concise documents that can be downloaded and printed to use when educating retail accounts, technicians or salesmen about the basics of draught beer service. Topics include:
•Facts About Draught Beer Line Cleaning-How to keep your lines clean for best beer quality and repeat sales
•A downloadable Line Cleaning Log to print and post at each draught beer cooler
•Facts About Compressed Air-Why air should never be used to dispense draught beer
•Facts About Draught Beer Carbonation-Choosing the right dispense gas blend and gas pressure to achieve properly carbonated draught beer
•Facts About Nitro Mix – Why 25% CO2 / 75% N2 should never be used for dispensing regularly carbonated beers
•Four Keys to Excellent Draught Beer Service – Steps all retailes should take to ensure a quality pour every time
When handled properly from brewery to bar, draught beer delivers what many consider to be the freshest, most flavorful beer available to the customer.