UK: 980,000 jobs depend on brewing and pub trade

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A new report by leading economic experts Oxford Economics shows that 980,000 jobs in the UK depend on the beer and pub trade. The British Beer & Pub Association which commissioned the report, on Wednesday said the figures will fuel concerns over plans for huge beer tax hikes in the Budget next month.
The Oxford Economics report, which also provides a breakdown of jobs, wages and value added by UK region, shows for the first time that:
•980,000 people in the UK depend on beer and pubs for work
•The beer and pub trade adds over ?21 billion to the UK economy every year
•?13.4 billion in UK wages are dependent on the trade, each year
BBPA Chief Executive Brigid Simmonds, comments:
“These figures show how vital the beer and pub trade is to the UK economy, with huge numbers of jobs dependent on the sector.
“With the economy struggling, these jobs are vital. The Government is planning massive increases in Beer Tax in the Budget next month. This is the last thing we need. With the Government looking for growth, with the right policies, we could be creating thousands of new jobs.
“That’s why we are calling for a freeze in beer duty in the Budget, to help this vital part of the local economy.”