UK. Younger drinkers ‘turning to ale’

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Sales of ale – traditionally favoured by older drinkers – are soaring among younger men and women, according to a retailer.
Bottled ales are now favoured over lager by six out of 10 men aged between 21 and 34 while a quarter of women prefer a glass of ale over wine or traditional spirit and mixer combinations, the survey for Asda found.
Sales of premium bottled ales are up 22% among shoppers in their 20s and early 30s, the supermarket chain said.
The south east is leading the trend, as is Yorkshire, and sales of ales among pre-family shoppers in general are up by 26% since last year.
More than a third of those preferring ale said they discovered the beer in the local pub while a quarter said it was down to attending beer festivals.
Dewi Williams, from Asda’s beers, wines and spirits team, said: “We’re thrilled that our younger customers are migrating towards ales and bitter.
“In recent years ale has had an old-fashioned tag unfairly attached to it when in reality it is a rich, often fruity and refreshing tipple well-suited to younger taste buds.”
Asda surveyed 18,000 shoppers for its Pulse of the Nation study in early February.