Kerry says brewers face major barley quality and supply challenge

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European brewers have a fight on their hands to source quality malting barley during 2011, according to industry ingredient supplier Kerry.
USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) statistics estimate drawdowns on the on EU barley crop (of malting quality) to 10.05m tonnes in 2010, compared with 14.45m in 2009. (more…)

US. Peoria’s beer scene continues to transform

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Beer is not what it used to be. It’s better. So says Bob Jockisch, president and CEO of RJ Distributing Co., 410 High Point Lane in East Peoria, an area distributor of beer and wine. (more…)

The Weekly Brew: Beer of all shapes and sizes

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Last week I ended the column with the seemingly innocent comment that “your favorite six-pack won’t be going anywhere soon.” With a little more thought, it looks as if I should have clarified this sentence. With so many new startup microbreweries in the recent years, many of them look for the fastest, easiest way to get their product to customers. (more…)

India. SABMiller loses fizz in market race

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The India story is not as good as the beer for SABMiller. The London-listed beer giant, which often carries the tag of being the world’s most aggressive brewer, has seen its market share drop to little above 20%, down from 35% in three years. The company, with a portfolio of blockbuster beers such as Foster’s, Royal Challenge Premium Lager and Haywards 5000, has struggled to hold on to its one-fifth share during the third quarter ended December in the current financial year. (more…)

Japan’s Sapporo to take control of Pokka-source

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Japanese brewer Sapporo Holdings (2501.T) will spend about 30 billion yen ($367.6 million) to take majority control of unlisted softdrinks maker Pokka Corp, a source with knowledge of the matter said on Saturday. (more…)