Changes to composition Heineken Holding N.V.’s Board of Directors

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The meeting of holders of priority shares of Heineken Holding N.V. will propose that Heineken Holding N.V.’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders appoint Mrs. C. M. Kwist (43) to the Board of Directors of Heineken Holding N.V., to succeed her uncle Mr. D. P. Hoyer (71). Mr. Hoyer is due to retire by rotation and, in view of his age, will not be proposed for reappointment. The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders will be held in Amsterdam on 21 April 2011.
Charlotte Kwist is a director of Greenfee B.V., the company in which the Hoyer family has placed its interest in L’Arche Green N.V., and of L’Arche Green N.V., the company in which the Heineken and Hoyer families have combined their shareholdings in Heineken Holding N.V. L’Arche Green N.V. currently holds a 50.72% interest in Heineken Holding N.V.
Mrs. Kwist’s background is in marketing. After graduating in psychology, she worked for ten years for Procter & Gamble in a number of management positions. For the past eight years, she has been advising international brand producers and retailers as a consultant in brand management, marketing and communication. Charlotte Kwist has Dutch nationality, is married and lives in Brussels.
Mr. Hoyer has been a member of the Board of Directors since 1972. In that capacity, he has made an invaluable contribution to the achievement of Heineken Holding N.V.’s primary objective, namely to safeguard the long-term independence, continuity and stability of the Heineken group, for which the Board of Directors thanks him most sincerely.