SABMiller’s cassava beer plans mature

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SABMiller’s pioneering cassava beer – aimed an entire new market of drinkers in Africa – has been delayed by nearly a year following a number of setbacks. (more…)

Brazil’s Ambev to invest $1.5bn in new factories

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Ambev, Brazil’s biggest brewer, promised to invest up to R$2.5bn in new factories and distribution centres this year in spite of concerns that the country’s slowing growth could hurt beer sales. (more…)

AB InBev: a developing taste

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The king has returned. After 20 consecutive years of falling volumes, Budweiser finally became a growth story in 2010. The “king of beers”, though, needed its own version of a stimulus programme to arrest its decline, including relentless exposure at the world’s biggest sporting event, the football World Cup. (more…)

Pilsner Urquell to be exported to Poland directly from Pilsen

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Beginning April 2011, Pilsner Urquell will be exported to Poland directly from Pilsen. Since 2002, licensed production of Pilsner Urquell has been carried out in the Polish town of Tychy in response to a capacity shortage in the Pilsen brewery (more…)

China. CR Snow announces three acquisitions in Anhui, Liaoning and Zhejiang

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China Resources Snow Breweries Limited (or “CR Snow”), a subsidiary of China Resources Enterprise, Limited (or “The Company”) and a joint venture with SABMiller plc, announced that it has agreed to acquire three breweries in each of Anhui, Liaoning and Zhejiang Provinces in three separate transactions. (more…)