Carlsberg to upgrade flagship brand

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Carlsberg Group has announced a major upgrade of all key elements of its flagship brand, Carlsberg.
The upgrade, which the group says will support its ambition to be the fastest growing global beer company, encourages consumers ‘to step up and do the right thing’, rewarding themselves with a Carlsberg for their efforts and it carries the tagline “That calls for a Carlsberg”.

The new elements are planned to complement the company’s existing “probably the best…” advertising and brand proposition, which it uses in some markets, including the UK.

The new campaign will be rolled out across a wide variety of multimedia and marketing channels from today, with a new television advertising campaign being rolled-out globally throughout 2011.

A completely new range of packaging is to be rolled out across more than 140 markets as part of the upgrade.

The company said that “the changes to both the brand proposition and the visual identity will help to make the Carlsberg brand more consistent, appealing and distinctive to its consumers in both its established and newer markets”.

The company anticipates that the Carlsberg brand will have doubled its profits by 2015.

J?rgen Buhl Rasmussen, Carlsberg’s CEO, said: “People are familiar with Carlsberg but do not necessarily know what it represents.

“This global launch is our way of getting our story out there to both our mature markets and our newer markets. We want people to know that Carlsberg beer stands for something — for heritage, for quality, for great taste and for doing the right thing.”