Rexam’s two-piece, one litre beer can hits Western Europe

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Carlsberg has released a new king size beer can in Germany that brings Rexam’s two-piece one litre can into Western Europe for the first time.

rexamRexam said the King Can has already been used in Russia and its popularity there gave Carlsberg the confidence to use the pack for its Tuborg Pilsener beer in Germany.

“The popularity of the 1 litre can in Russia proves that consumers enjoy having the option to purchase the larger size, encouraging Carlsberg to release it into the German market,” said Welf Jung, business development director at Rexam Beverage Can Europe and Asia.

Jung told that Carlsberg is also releasing the can in response to growing demand for an alternative to the three piece non-aluminum 1 litre can range – already available in some parts of Germany.

Two piece DWI (Drawn Wall Ironed) are a popular format for normal sized cans but are new in the extra large one litre format. Rexam is the only manufacturer to produce the can type.

Size matters

Explaining what the can has to offer brand owners, Jung said: “The unique size of the can differentiates the product from other more conventional sized beer cans – it also provides a considerable amount of surface space to display branding and eye catching design.”

And for consumers, he said: “It has all the benefits of a ‘normal’ size can, being easily chilled, staying cooler for longer, easily stackable and transportable and 100 per cent recyclable.”

Rebranding at Carlsberg

Carlsberg is introducing the new 1 litre can into the German market as it begins a major branding overhaul that includes the introduction of a new slogan -“That calls for a Carlsberg”.

J?rgen Buhl Rasmussen, Carlsberg’s CEO, explained what the company is looking to achieve.

“People are familiar with Carlsberg but do not necessarily know what it represents. We want people to know that Carlsberg beer stands for something – for heritage, for quality, for great taste and for doing the right thing.”