Ukraine. “Lvivske” beer will be sold in the new PET-bottle

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“Lvivske” beer prepared a nice gift for its fans. From now onward the favorite drink is available in the convenient new PET-bottle of 1.5 l. The buyers who purchase “Lvivske 1715” and “Lvivske Svitle (Light)” in the new packaging during the promotional period save 20% of its cost.

According to the studies more and more beer lovers prefer PET-packaging in recent years because such bottles are light, easy to use and cheaper. It should be noted that in 2010 the market share of beer in the PET-packaging increased by 1% compared with 2009. Number of sales of beer in PET for the same period increased by 7% beating the numerical value of sales of beer in the glass bottles. During the first quarter of 2011 the share of beer sold in PET makes up 49.2% — almost half of the total beer market of Ukraine.

Therefore, considering the consumers’ tastes and needs TM “Lvivske” decided to make a favorable offer for its fans — the favorite beer in a new convenient bottle format. Moreover, from March to June beer in new 1.5 l PET can be purchased at special price, saving 20% of its value. At the moment, “Lvivske 1715” and “Lvivske Svitle (Light)” in 1.5 l bottles will be sold only in the central, western and north-western regions of Ukraine.

The manufacturers hope that the new benefit packaging will become popular among many lovers of “Lvivske” beer.

It should be noted that the PET-packaging format of 1.5 l is new for the Ukrainian beer market. By this time beer in 1 and 2 l PET-bottles was sold on a regular basis.

According to the data of AC Nielsen Research Company, the share of TM “Lvivske” at the end of 2010 made up 10.6% by volume. It is expected that the launch of the PET-packaging format which is new for Ukraine will strengthen the position of “Lvivske” on the beer market in general and in the rapidly growing segment of PET-packaging in particular.

Andrey Otroschenko, Marketing Director of Local Trademarks at “Slavutich”, Carlsberg Group: “Lvivske” is one of the most popular beer brands of the Ukrainians. Its most popular brands are “1715” and “Svitle (Light)”. We always try to make some interesting offers to our customers. We hope that the new bottle which is convenient for the beer will please our fans who will be happy to savor their favorite beer”.