New Zealand brewery launches “breakfast beer”

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A New Zealand brewery launched what it called a ‘breakfast beer,’ a full strength lager with a cherry flavour but 5.5 per cent alcohol content, at an Auckland cafe on Thursday. (more…)

UK. Heineken to charge for beer keg losses

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Brewer Heineken UK is planning to introduce a ?25 charge for each beer and cider container customers fail to return after revealing kegs and casks are being lost at an alarming rate. (more…)

Efes International : Higher beer prices will create pressure on demand in 2011

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The brewery group Efes International (EBI) is one of the largest independent brewing groups. The Turkish company is controlled from its group headquarters in Amsterdam. With its extensive procurement policy, Efes International developed into both one of the leading and one of the largest privately owned beer groups. (more…)