Ukraine. Lviv to host beer fest during Euro 2012

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Ukraine’s western city of Lvov plans to host a beer festival during the UEFA Euro 2012, an organiser said.

Oleh Zasadny, director of the Lvov City Council tournament department said the beverages will be spread in compliance with the UEFA rules, Xinhua reported.

“UEFA has an obvious position that only non-alcoholic beer is permitted in stadiums, as well as in the fan zones. In addition there will be a few official places where beer can be purchased,” Zasadny said.

During the festival, selling beer in glass containers will be prohibited. Mainly draught beer will be sold in soft packages. To ensure safety, producers will also introduce paper or plastic cups.

Beer fests are held in Lvov every year. In June 11-12, 2011 the city will host a fiesta displaying the tradition of brewing and beer culture in Ukraine.