Leeds MP Greg Mulholland calls for Carlsberg boycott

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An MP has called for a boycott of beer produced by Carlsberg because the firm is closing a brewing plant in Leeds.

Greg Mulholland, the Liberal Democrat MP for North West Leeds, has tabled an Early Day Motion in the House claiming the move is a betrayal of the city.

Tetley’s Brewery, at Brewery Wharfe, which has been producing beer for 189 years, is due to close on 17 June with the loss of 140 jobs.

Carlsberg said it was a difficult time for the industry.

Mr Mulholland said pubs, bars and clubs in the city should “de-list” Carlsberg brands and support local breweries instead.

In the motion put before Parliament Mr Mulholland said all the people of Leeds, and beer-lovers in general, “should express their anger at the decision”.

The motion reads: “That this House condemns the closure of the Tetley’s Brewery which will take place on 17 June 2011, a decision taken by Carlsberg UK which will end the brewery’s 189-year history and longstanding affiliation with Leeds by signalling the end of Tetley’s as a Leeds beer.”

The motion goes on to describe the decision as a “betrayal of Leeds and the Tetley’s brand” which shows that “Carlsberg UK is not committed either to Tetley’s nor to Leeds”.

A spokesman for Carlsberg said the company understood Mr Mulholland’s point of view.

“We fully understand the upset and frustration evident in Mr Mulholland’s Early Day Motion.

“He is a MP that cares a great deal about the Leeds community and this is a difficult time for the whole city.

“The closure of the brewery is not a decision that was taken lightly.

We unfortunately live at a time when the beer market is facing the perfect storm of falling consumption, increasing costs and rising tax.

Our main concern over the last two and a half years has been our employees – to ensure they find new roles within Carlsberg UK or jobs outside the business.”