UK. Tetley’s brewery in Leeds closes on June 17

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Carlsberg closes its famous Tetley’s brewery in Leeds on June 17. Nearly 190 years of brewing history in Leeds will come to an end when the brewery stops brewing and production of Tetley’s beer will be transferred to Marston’s-owned Banks’s brewery in Wolverhampton, Molson Coors’ brewery in Tadcaster and Cameron’s Brewery in Hartlepool. The decommissioning is scheduled to start in September and will continue until the middle of 2012. Several buildings, amongst them the main reception building, which houses the Tetley’s war memorial and the gatehouse will remain in use. The rest will be marketed to interested parties.

“The closure of the Tetley’s Brewery will be a sad day for Leeds”, Stuart Long, a local campaigner said. “Tetley’s is a Leeds beer and has always been brewed in the city and should therefore remain in the city.”