Miller Brands Ukraine starts supplying Sarmat and Zhigulevskoye beer to Georgia

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Miller Brands Ukraine, a large beer producer in Ukraine, has signed a contract with T&D (Trade&Development, Georgia) to supply Sarmat and Zhigulevskoye beer to the Georgian market, according to a company press release.

Beer under these brands has appeared in trade outlets in Tbilisi and nine largest regions in Georgia.

Miller Brands Ukraine plans in the very near time to increase the supply of Sarmat and Zhigulevskoye beer to Georgian regions.

According to the document, the production of Donetsk brewery, which has been owned by SABMiller plc since 2008, was delivered to Georgia previously but not regularly.

The company also plans to carry out a large-scale advertising campaign in Georgia.

“The Georgian beer market is now actively growing and developing, its potential allows us to count on a certain niche,” the press service said citing Miller Brands Ukraine Sales Director Yuriy Usharov.