GlobalMalt announces change in shareholder structure

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Tivoli Malz GmbH and GermanMalt GmbH & Co KG, both owners of each 50% of GlobalMalt, announced today, that Tivoli is acquiring all shares of the company from GermanMalt. By doing so, Tivoli will hold 100% of GlobalMalt GmbH & Co KG and of GlobalMalt Verwaltungs GmbH, as well as 60% of GlobalMalt Polska Sp. z o.o in Bydgoszcz/Poland. After the expected authorization of merger control, Tivoli will fully control GlobalMalt, which had previously organized the marketing of all malt produced by the Group in Germany and malt produced by the Polish subsidiary, GlobalMalt Polska to international brewing groups.

GermanMalt including its subsidiaries Rhein-Ruhr-Malz GmbH und Th?ringer Malz GmbH with malthouses in Worms, M?lheim/Ruhr, Sangerhausen and Clingen will be sold to the international malting group GrainCorp Malt. Details of this sale will be published in a separate press release.

Tivoli, who also owns the biggest malting plant of the GlobalMalt group in Hamburg, is further expanding its malt footprint with the announced step. The combined annual malting capacity of GlobalMalt in Hamburg and GlobalMalt Polska in Bydgoszcz/Poland is about 190000 mt

GlobalMalt will continue to be the reliable supplier of quality malt from Germany and Poland it became known for since the foundation of the company in 2000.