Foster’s raises a glass to friendship with renamed Carlton United Brewers

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Foster’s Group has relaunched its iconic beer business with a new name and brand identity as part of its renewed focus as a dedicated, world-class brewer and to celebrate beer’s meaning to Australians. Carlton & United Breweries, the business formed in 1907 through the unification of Foster’s Brewing Company, the Victoria Brewery, the Carlton Brewery and three other Melbourne breweries, has been renamed Carlton United Brewers.

With history stretching back to the beginnings of the industry in Australia, the relaunch aims to mesh more than 150 years of heritage with a new and uncomplicated passion for making and selling the finest quality beers.

The new name is paired with the slogan “Raised in Friendship”. This is the theme of CUB’s central belief: if more people raised a beer in friendship the world would be a better place.

“Breweries” has been updated to “Brewers” to better reflect CUB’s people who underpin the success of the business, as distinct from the buildings in which they work.

Refreshed logos for both Foster’s and CUB complement the new name and beliefs and reflect a business with an exciting future. The key element of the new CUB logo is a raised ‘U’, to emphasise the word “united” and symbolise a glass raised as a gesture of friendship.

Foster’s Group chief executive John Pollaers said the company’s reinvigoration of CUB as a great beer brand – one of a number of key initiatives post demerger – involved a search for why people should love beer and the role beer has in our community.

“Over a number of months in each of our major locations we instigated in-depth discussions with our people about what this brand could, and indeed should, be for Australians,” said Pollaers.

“What this name change reflects is our belief in community, in people, in the occasions where beer helps bring people together. Beer is at the heart of so many significant occasions in Australian life – from when we spend time with mates after work, to watching footy with our dad, to a barbeque with the family.

“We believe – with a passion – that if a whole lot more people raised a beer in friendship the world would be a better place,” added Pollaers.

CUB’s history goes back as far as 1824 when Cascade Brewery was founded in Hobart. VB founder Thomas Aitken opened for business in 1854 and the Carlton Brewery arrived 10 years later with a working team of Clydesdales – a tradition maintained to this day. The company has since become Australia’s largest brewer with market-leading brands such as VB, Carlton Draught, Crown Lager and Pure Blonde. From regional and craft beers to the three highest selling cider brands, CUB covers the breadth of taste and occasions that modern drinkers expect.

Mr Pollaers said Foster’s Group is an exciting new enterprise with a bright future.

“We are fortunate to be able to build our business on the foundation of Australia’s strongest beer brand: CUB. I want us to stay focused on being not just a great beer company, but the best beer company, and the beer company loved by Australians.”