US. New Committee Created for Brewpubs

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A new group of brewers and brewery owners have been meeting with members of the Brewers Association Board and staff to look at ways to better serve the Association’s brewery restaurant membership. The first meeting of the Brewpubs Committee was held in June, followed by the second this past July. The group will discuss issues that uniquely face small brewery restaurants, which national restaurant groups fail to address.

The May/June Industry Review issue of The New Brewer reports that in 2010, 1,033 of the 1,716 craft brewers in the United States were brewpubs (approx 60%). Last year, brewpubs produced 752,118 barrels of craft beer, and grew close to 7% from the year before. The average brewpub produces about 728 barrels of craft beer a year. This size, and unique challenges that members face spurred the creation of this member committee which focuses specifically on the topics and issues facing these small businesses.

The committee will meet on a month to month basis and, thus far, have already provided input aimed at selection of feature topics for the January/February (Brewpubs) issue of The New Brewer. The Committee has also identified server training as a key area that the Brewers Association can assist brewpub members better, and points to tools already available to members of the Association as valuable to Brewpubs.

Brewpubs Committee Members Include:
Steve Bradt
Free State Brewing Co.
Dick Cantwell
Elysian Brewing Co.
Larry Chase
Standing Stone Brewing Co.
Tom Dargen
Craft Works Brewery Restaurant Group
Mark Edelson
Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant
Kevin Eichelberger
Red Eye Brewing Co.
Christian Ettinger
Hopworks Urban Brewery
Paul Gatza
Brewers Association
Erin Glass
Brewers Association
Nick Matt
Matt Brewing Co.
Dave McLean
Magnolia Pub and Brewery
Scott Metzger
Freetail Brewing Co.
Charlie Papazian
Brewers Association
Jamee Parsons
Moon River Brewing Co.
Bob Pease
Brewers Association
John Pinkerton
Moon River Brewing Co.
Tony Simmons
Pagosa Brewing Co.
Jennifer Talley
Squatters Pub Brewery/Salt Lake Brewing Co.