Beer drinkers leave established beer brands for microbrews

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For decades they beers made by Miller and Coors were ranked as favorites across the country, and now sales for those same brands are falling.

According to the website WallStreet24/7, sales for Milwaukee Best, Old Milwaukee and Miller Genuine Draft dropped more than 50% from 2006 – 2010. For Costello, the drop doesn’t come as a big surprise as the variety of craft and microbrewed beers is ever growing. Costello says, “I can’t understand it. Me personally, I can’t sit there and drink the same beer. It’d be like eating pizza everyday for 20 years. You’re going to get sick of pizza.”

Lakefront Brewery President Russ Klisch says, “It’s also very interesting for people to go out there, and they have a little of this beer than try that beer and compare the flavor, and it’s more exciting than just drinking the same old beer all the time.”

The trend doesn’t mean an end to power house brewers like MillerCoors, but a change in the game plan that may shake up the entire brewing industry. Klisch says, “I’m not thinking they’re going to sleep on this too much. I think they’ll try to come up with something interesting.”

Competition is about to get even more fierce. The Brewers Association says more than 700 new breweries are currently being planned across the U.S. That’s more than double what it was last year.