Carlsberg Elephant enters into Indian market

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Carlsberg India, the Indian subsidiary of Danish brewer Carlsberg Group, has rolled out the company’s super premium strong pilsner brand, Carlsberg Elephant, into the Indian market.

With an ABV of 7.2%, Carlsberg Elephant has a light golden amber color with a white foam. The high hop content in Elephant makes it more bitter. There is ample use of malt in the beer.

Carlsberg Elephant, brewed in India, comes in three sizes, 330 ml bottle, 500 ml can and 650 ml bottle. The strong beer has a price range of INR100-INR125 for a 650 ml bottle, based on the market.

Carlsberg India managing director Soren Lauridsen said Carlsberg Elephant targets an evolved consumer, a social drinker, affluent, discerning and contemporary who seeks luxury experiences.

Carlsberg entered India in May 2006 by forming a company named South Asia Breweries by a joint venture between the Carlsberg Group and associated companies.

Carlsberg’s beer portfolio in India includes Carlsberg Green, Carlsberg Elephant, Tuborg Green, Tuborg Strong and Palone 8.