UK. Roger Martin to hand over reporting / conference business

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Roger Martin, the industry wide known publisher of „The Brewing Raw Materials Journal“ and organizer of the „World Barley, Malt & Beer Conference“, announced, that as from 24 October 2011 both businesses will be taken over by new owners. Roger, who had announced his retirement during the last edition of the conference in Prague in March 2011, found Nikolaus Bormann and Matthias Wree and their company RMI Analytics, to take over responsibility from him after that date.
Nikolaus is providing consultancy services to farmers and bio-energy industry following 3 years as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company. Matthias has 5 years with the procurement department of SABMiller and 4-5 years as a commodity trader with Alfred C. Toepfer in Hamburg and Singapore.
The next World Barley, Malt &Beer conference, which has regularly been sponsored by GlobalMalt, is scheduled to take place in 2013 and will still be organized in close co-operation with Roger, he assures.
Nikolaus and Matthias commented on the transaction: “We are very pleased to have agreed with Roger to continue and further develop his highly recognized report and conference. We thank Roger for his confidence and support and we are looking forward to build on and to enhance his extraordinary reputation.”