New Belgian craft beer lands in UK market

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SABMiller subsidiary Miller Brands has signed a distribution deal with Van Steenberge Brewery and Sint Stefanus Monastery of Belgium, to launch a new craft beer, St Stefanus Belgian abbey beer, in the UK.

Miller Brands aims to expand the portfolio of craft beers in the UK with the launch of St Stefanus Belgian abbey beer.

St Stefanus Belgian abbey beer dates back to 1295 AD, and is an unpasteurized high fermentation beer that is also refermented in the bottle.

The new craft beer is brewed using three different yeasts including Jerumanus yeast strain from Van Steenberge family brewery. It is then stored for three months before cellar release and allowed to continue maturing in the bottle until it is opened.

Blonde and Grand Gru are the two varieties of the beer, which have a 7% ABV and 9% ABV respectively. Blonde is cellar matured for a minimum of three months while Grand Gru is cellar matured for a minimum of nine months.