Russia. SUN InBev extends the line of dark beer

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SUN InBev brewing company presents its innovation – Bagbier Bock dark beer. It is the second dark brand in the company portfolio in Russia.

bb-bock1Bagbier Bock is created for those who love light beer, but want a variety of taste and are ready to try something new. Just like the traditional German Bock, Bagbier Bock is a dark beer with pleasant bitterness, but unlike classical dark beer, its taste is much softer, without sharpness and tartness. Bagbier Bock has pleasant candy-hop aroma and is notable for noble dark brown color with amber tint.

Bock is one of traditional kinds of German beer, which history originates in the middle of XIII century when it appeared in the ancient town of Ainbek. Germans brew this sort of beer at the end of harvesting when barley and hop grew to maturity. Beer settled the whole winter and became a long-awaited drink on a spring holiday.

SUN InBev new brand – Bagbier Bock – will soon be available in all Russian retail stores in 1.5L PET bottles.