Pentair Haffmans launches In-line CO2 Meter AuCoMet-i

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Pentair Haffmans, a leading supplier of quality control equipment and carbon dioxide (CO2) systems for the brewing and beverage industries, has successfully launched the In-line CO2 Meter AuCoMet-i.
With more than 31,000 visitors from all over the world, this year’s Brau Beviale in Nuremberg, Germany has been the perfect platform for Pentair Haffmans to showcase its latest innovation: the In-line CO2 Meter AuCoMet-i, which will once again set standards in terms of quality, handling and ease of maintenance for CO2 quality control equipment.
In the beer and beverage industries, the content of dissolved CO2 is of utmost importance to the quality, taste and flavor stability of the product. This is why breweries and soft drink manufacturers continuously control and measure the CO2 content during production. Pentair Haffmans’ In-line CO2 Meter AuCoMet-i enables a fast and accurate determination of the CO2 content in beer and carbonated beverages based on Henry’s Law. It can be built into the production line at any location where the determination of dissolved CO2 is required, typically after filtration, carbonation and/or blending and before filling. Up to 500 measurements can be stored in internal memory.
Unlike previous generations, the AuCoMet-i has a separate control unit that can be field or panel mounted. This offers the operator maximum flexibility to position the control unit at a location that allows optimal access to the operating panel and the display. In addition, due to its modular design, the system can easily be extended with an oxygen (O2) sensor. Special attention was given to the construction of the CO2 sensor, which resulted in a maintenance-friendly design. The lifetime of wear parts is greatly increased with the new generation In-line CO2 Meter, which results in longer service intervals. Moreover, the new CO2 sensor design allows service to be executed in less than 30 minutes. Pentair Haffmans’ AuCoMet-i offers maximum availability against the lowest total cost of ownership.
When used in combination with Pentair Haffmans’ CO2 dosing unit, the AuCoMet-i determines the content of CO2 and, through embedded software that allows for direct communication, the CO2 dosing rate can immediately be adjusted if necessary. Along with CO2 dosing unit and static mixers, the AuCoMet-i is part of Pentair Haffmans ‘Carbo Controller’, a fully automated plug and play unit that allows for accurate CO2 injection, ‘bubble free’ CO2 dissolving and thus perfect total CO2 process control.
These innovations and applications make the new Pentair Haffmans’ In-line CO2 Meter AuCoMet-i a more sophisticated product that meets the ever increasing requirements of today’s brewing and beverage industries.
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