US. Craft Retail Dollars Up 18 % on 14 % Volume Growth

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Craft Retail Dollars Up 18 % on 14 % Volume Growth
Craft pricing jumped $1.08 in the November 27th four-week scan data released by Symphony IRI Group yesterday, up 21 cents from the previous report. That makes three months of climbing retail pricing for the craft segment. All beer retail pricing grew at 75 cents per case in the 4-week period, three cents more than the previous report The U.S. inflation rate is growing at 3.53% through September; craft beer retail pricing grew at 3.42% compared to a year ago. All beer retail pricing was up 3.76%, crossing into territory above inflation.

Craft volume growth gained a tenth of a point even in the higher pricing environment. Craft volume was up 13.8% against the previous month’s growth of 13.7%. While the four-week volume trend is lees than the year-to-date or 52-week trends, craft retail dollars exceeded the longer term trends by about 1-1/2%, posting 17.7% retail dollar growth this period.

Craft Pricing

4 Weeks to November 27, 2011–up $1.08 per case.

Year to Date 2011–up 55 cents per case

52 Weeks (November 2010-November 2011)–up 56 cents per case.

Here’s a rundown of some of the other craft figures from the SIG report for food/drug and convenience stores.

4 Weeks to November 27, 2011–13.8% volume growth; 17.7% dollar growth. (All beer 1.2/+5.0)

Year to Date 2011–14.3% volume growth; 16.3% dollar growth. (All beer -0.5/+2.1)

52 Weeks (October 2010-early October 2011)–14.2% volume growth; 16.2% dollar growth. (All beer -0.8/+1.9)

Craft gained 0.4 share points over the scan period by volume and 0.6 share points of dollars for the second straight month. Imports and domestic superpremium gained 0.6 and 0.5 share points in volume, respectively. The low and middle sections of the beer industry are losing 1.3 share points to the high end right now.

In the area of beer styles, IPAs gained 2.7 volume share points in craft and showed 45% volume growth as a style in scans. Variety packs also continues to increase in share by 0.9 share points through November. Craft Belgians surged with over 97% volume growth compared to a year ago, but at a price of over a dollar less per 6-pack. Craft stout continues to post a higher average price per case, growing $4.73 per case compared to a year ago.