EURO 2012 Fans will drink Carlsberg Non-Alcoholic at the stadiums

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Carlsberg Ukraine launches Carlsberg Non-Alcoholic Beer especially for sales at the stadiums during UEFA EURO 2012 TM. This sort will be brewed according to the original receipt similar to Carlsberg Non-Alcoholic beer brewed in Denmark.

Carlsberg Non-Alcoholic production will be based on the classical receipt and high-quality raw materials. That’s why it will have rich taste and strong flavour similar to alcoholic beers. Membrane technologies to eliminate carefully alcohol from the fresh beer are applied at the factories of Carlsberg Ukraine for production of non-alcoholic beer. Such technology makes it possible to reserve taste qualities of the alcoholic brand. Beer will be brewed at Carlsberg Ukraine Kyiv brewery of under supervision of specialists from Carlsberg Group Headquarters.

Carlsberg Non-Alcoholic will be sold exclusively at stadiums during the games of EURO 2012. First kegs of 30l of volume will be filled in May of this year. Sales volumes of Carlsberg Non-Alcoholic during EURO Cup are expected at the level of 15 000 dl.

Let us remind that Carlsberg Group as the Official sponsor of UEFA EURO 2012 TM is the sole company authorized to sell beer and kvas at the stadiums during the games. Carlsberg became the official beer of EURO Championships in 1988. EURO 2012 will be 7th tournament which is supported by Carlsberg, and will take place in Poland and Ukraine.

Yaroslav Koval, Vice President on marketing of Carlsberg Ukraine: “We are very happy to launch the productionvof non-alcoholic Carlsberg beer production in Ukraine. According to UEFA Rules, it is prohibited to sell alcoholic drinks at the stadiums during the games. We believe that this initiative is good and also support our believe in responsible drinking culture. That’s why we launch production of non-alcoholic brand of Carlsberg beer which is the most popular among the football fans. It is the official beer of UEFA EURO Football Cup since 1988. This will help the fans from the whole world to respect traditions and history watching one of the most challenging sport shows with the cup of their favourite beer in their hands”.