World beer market 2011 growth picks up to 2.7 percent: report

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Growth in the world beer market picked up to reach 2.7 percent in 2011 as growth continued to strengthen driven by emerging markets, and is predicted to grow at 2.5 percent this year, industry research group Plato Logic said on Wednesday. (more…)

Global Beer Wars

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It’s hard work growing an economy, and at the end of the day, the only way to unwind after all that hard work is to throw back an icy cold, watered-down macrobrew. (more…)

SABMiller brewing more beer in Ukraine as finances improve

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Miller Brands Ukraine, a large domestic beer producer and subsidiary of international brewing giant SABMiller, sharply cut its losses in Ukraine last year while boosting output by 51.4 percent to 16.4 million deciliters of beer. (more…)

Boston Beer Q4 net income rises

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US-based hand-crafted, flavored beer producer Boston Beer has reported $17.79m net income for the fourth quarter ended 31 December 2011, against $12.17m during the same period the previous year. (more…)

AB InBev, others mull bid for StarBev – sources

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Anheuser-Busch InBev NV and other beer brewers are mulling a potential acquisition of StarBev, the owner of Czech lager Staropramen, sources familiar with the situation said on Tuesday. (more…)

Premium Lager and Dark Beer markets see growth in 2011

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The UK premium lagers and beers industries saw modest amounts of growth in the 5 years to 2011, according to the Key Note Market Report Update, Premium Lagers, Beers and Ciders, while the premium ciders market showed no movement in value over the 5-year period. (more…)

US. Boston Beer Reports Fourth Quarter 2011 Results

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The Boston Beer Company, Inc. (NYSE: SAM) reported net income for the fourth quarter of $17.8 million, or $1.33 per diluted share, an increase of $5.6 million, or $0.46 per diluted share, from the fourth quarter of 2010.  (more…)