Roberto Jarr?n is Birra Peroni’s New CEO

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Roberto Jarr?n, 46, is the new Chief Executive Officer of Birra Peroni, an Italian company belonging to multinational SABMiller Group. Jarr?n, born in Brazil and raised in Ecuador, joins Birra Peroni after having had important working experiences in the U.S., Mexico, Guatemala, Per? and Venezuela.

After graduating cum laude in Chemical Engineering from the Florida Technology Institute, Jarr?n began his professional career at Procter & Gamble, where he worked for 10 years, first in the Research & Development Department, then in the Marketing Division. In 2001, he moved to Frito Lay at the PepsiCo Co. in Guatemala, where he held the office of Marketing and Organised Trade Director. In 2007, Jarr?n joined the SABMiller Group as Vice-President of Marketing for the Ecuadorian Cerveceria Nacional, and in 2009, he became Managing Director and President of Cerveceria Nacional CN S.A.

At his new job, Roberto Jarr?n will have the ambitious task of leading Birra Peroni through a particularly delicate economic juncture. “We’re well aware of the fact that today’s market conditions and generalised contraction of consumption will have an impact on the beer industry as well,” said Roberto Jarr?n, CEO of Birra Peroni. “Our commitment shall be towards maintaining high levels of competitiveness, adding value to our brands, consolidating our business policies and continuing to offer our consumers a product of quality and excellence that reflects our success in Italy, as well as abroad. Nastro Azzurro today is exported to more than 55 countries, and has become a real symbol of the excellence of the Italian food industry.”

Recently, Birra Peroni presented its first Sustainability Budget, an initiative that highlights the company’s commitment toward sustainable development. “In the context of a period of profound market transformation, we believe that operating in a sustainable fashion is the only way to maintain a high level of long-term performance and guarantee continuous commercial growth,” said Jarr?n. The company’s commitment is carried out through tangible actions and strategies that focus primarily on responsible consumption, support to local communities and the preservation of the environment. “Among our future goals, we have a 25% reduction of our water consumption by 2015, as well as a 50% reduction of our CO2 emissions from 2008 to 2020,” concluded Jarr?n. “On the responsible consumption front, our commitment is aimed towards informing and raising awareness among consumers, as well as our employees, through concrete actions, such as the inclusion of messages of responsibility on our commercial communication material and the labels on all of our products.”

In welcoming Roberto Jarr?n, Birra Peroni’s Board of Directors expresses sincere gratitude to his predecessor, Alfonso Bosch, for his vision and passionate leadership, wishing him continued success at his new job within the SABMiller Group.

Birra Peroni S.p.A.

Birra Peroni is an Italian company that is part of multinational group SABMiller plc, the world’s number two beer producer, with a presence in more than 75 countries. Listed on the stock exchanges of both London and Johannesburg, SABMiller’s 70,000 employees worldwide produce 218 million hectoliters of beer through more than 200 brands.

Peroni’s annual production exceeds 4.7 million hectoliters, of which more than one million are exported for a total of 500 million Euros in sales. The main brands produced and marketed by Peroni are: PERONI, Italy’s best-selling and most famous beer; NASTRO AZZURRO, the most popular Italian beer abroad; PILSNER URQUELL, considered by many to be one of the best beers in the world. Other prestigious brands include MILLER, TOURTEL, PERONI GRAN RISERVA, PERONI GRAN RISERVA ROSSA, PERONCINO, RAFFO and WUHRER. Peroni Beer was born in the town of Vigevano in the year 1846. Today, thanks to its successful brands, it is one of the most important entrepreneurial realities in Italy, as well as a great symbol representing Italian industry in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and as many as 50 other countries.