Perceived value in glass

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Latest decorationtrendsand beer colour scale in glassware by RASTAL

“Gourmet beer”, “Choice beer” or “Craft beer”. Whatever name we give the latest beer trend, outstanding individuality is what these beers have in common.And in keeping with this, the drinking glass and decoration experts at RASTAL have made the trends in glass design that have emerged during recent years their special theme this year, titled “Bier de Luxe”, at Brau Beviale 2012.
The RASTAL design experts believe however, this gourmet beer trend is more than a self-containeddevelopment and it can push the whole sector further towards enhancing value-added as well as perceived qualities.In tune with this segment build-up, innovative,stylish decoration designs whose structures and colours creatively play with and refine the visual design elements of their beer brands will be presented at Brau for the first time. Satin white, gold and platinum replacing strong colours have been brought to the fore.
The outstanding success of the original tasting and gourmet-beer glass, TEKU, created by RASTAL, is part of this development: just a few years ago it would have been inconceivable that a beer glass as a hybrid of the typical wine-glasscould have set the style for an entirely new beer-glass design trend in such a short time. The decoration motifs correspondinglycreated last year can be seenat Brau Beviale 2012, along with further developments.
And, last but not least, an exciting, entirely new idea for all those interested in the world of beer will be disclosed on the RASTAL stand this year: a tasting and specialgourmet-glass incorporating a beer colour scale.

– See and test it yourself. On the RASTAL Stand, Hall 1/1-204.