drinktec 2013 showcases innovative filling technology for global concerns and SMEs

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One trend in beverage filling that has been visible for some time is the increase in filling speeds for large batch sizes, plus the installation of turnkey systems. New high-performance integrated systems, operating on the latest technology, are needed to cater to these trends. Small and medium-sized filling businesses in turn want to benefit from the technological innovations on individual machines. At all the new ideas and innovations will be presented – for SMEs and for global players alike.

_Prof.__ Dr.-Ing__. Matthias Niemeyer, Chairman of KHS GmbH_, sums up
the trends in filling technology: “At we will again see a clear
orientation towards meeting customer wishes and, allied to this, a
maximization of benefit. In this context the aspect of sustainability
plays a key role. At the same time modular-designed filling technology
will also be a central theme. This involves increased filling quality,
better system availability and lower costs for maintenance, energy
water and cleaning agents – advantages that are generated also by consistent
application of hygienic design.”

According to estimates by the VDMA time spent on cleaning in the food
industry is around 20 to 30 percent – in other words it is a
considerable factor. The aim therefore continues to be to constantly
optimize the cleaning of machinery, systems and components, as well as
processes, with the aim of reducing cleaning times while maintaining
high product quality and safety. The answer lies in hygienic design,
i.e. taking hygiene requirements into account in all phases of the
design and manufacture of production systems. On show at will be
contemporary, sustainable solutions targeted at reducing cost in terms
of cleaning time, energy, water and chemicals. In cleaning returnable
bottles, for example, the emphasis is on optimizing energy and water
consumption. For small- and medium-sized beverage manufacturers, the
exhibitors at will be showcasing cleaning machines that can do
everything that the high-performance machines can – for example
inclined cleaning baths, one or two pre-treatment stages or post-lye

Exciting developments are also emerging in the area of continuous
inspection of empty and filled bottles. As well as full visual
inspection, some new empty-bottle inspectors also have X-ray imaging,
at infeed and discharge points. Also interesting are newly developed
technologies with high-performance cameras to identify damage on the
inside of the necks of empty containers. Fill-level inspectors, used to
identify containers with too much or too little content, can be fitted
with acoustic bottle-burst detectors.

The rise and rise of PET bottles has had a key influence on
developments in filling technology and on the flow technology used to
control volumes. At visitors can take a look at the latest advances in
modular-designed systems that can be combined from the start (or
retrofitted) with cappers, blowing machines or labeling machines. This
brings new flexibility and enhanced energy-efficiency and availability
to filling operations. New, flexible fillers are suited both to
hot-filling in PET and glass bottles, as well as cold-filling of
non-carbonated drinks. With a large product range, rapid adjustment of
filling levels, without having to change filling tubes, is an important
factor in profitability. These days, fruit juices and milk-based drinks
containing whole pieces of fruit, for example, can be manufactured and
filled in a very gentle way. Particularly interesting for PET
containers is the theme of “lightweighting” to save costs and preserve resources
– with corresponding effects on filling technology, for example in
filling with nitrogen injection.

For global manufacturer of filling and packaging systems such as KHS,
“is the most important trade fair”._ Prof. Niemeyer:_ “Its strong
international orientation is tailored exactly to our needs. As the
leading trade fair drinktec is the ideal platform for presenting new
and exciting developments, and at the same time it is the perfect place to
forge and strengthen international contacts.” _Petra Westphal,
Exhibition Director of _, puts it like this: “drinktec is like a net
that keeps the sector together. It?s like a home from home.”

A visit to the world fair for the beverage and liquid food industry,
between 16 and 20 September 2013, is a chance for all beverage fillers,
technical experts, engineering offices and system manufacturers to
gather first-class input. Here they will be able to inspect modern
filling systems that provide ultimate flexibility, combined with the
best microbiological product safety and easy operation, and deliver
energy savings and optimum machine and system availability. What does
the future look like in machinery and systems for filling? maps it out.

drinktec is the “World’s Leading Trade Fair for the Beverage and
Liquid Food Industry”. It is the most important trade fair for the
sector. Manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world – global
companies and SMEs alike – meet up here with all sizes of producers
and retailers of beverages and liquid food products. Within the sector
drinktec is regarded as the number one platform for launching new
products on the world market. At this event manufacturers present the
latest technology for processing, filling, packaging and marketing all
kinds of beverages and liquid food – raw materials and logistics
solutions included. The themes of beverages marketing and packaging
design round off the portfolio.

drinktec 2013, which takes place at the Messe M?nchen exhibition
center in Munich, from September 16 to 20, 2013, is expected to attract
around 1,500 exhibitors from over 70 countries and approximately 60,000
visitors from more than 170 countries.