Hurricane Sandy hits craft beer industry in US

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As the US assesses the damage wreaked by the superstorm Hurricane Sandy, the craft beer industry has also been hit heavily by the storm.

Both businesses and individuals are now trying to evaluate the devastating effects of the storm on the industry.

Barrier Brewing – the Oceanside, a New York-based craft brewer, has been totally devastated by the Hurricane Sandy, reports

Barrier Brewing founder and co-owner Evan Klein told the website that the brewery may need a few more months to restart its production.

“The complete extent of the damage is hard to determine,” he added.

“But we think it could total over $100,000.”

In March, the company has invested over $500,000 into its new facility however, the the company’s boiler, glycol chiller, mill, forklift, keg washer, delivery trucks and its ingredient inventory were all damaged during the storm.

The website further reports that many other breweries, including Sixpoint Brewery, Union Beer Distributors and Beehive beer Distributors, have also suffered similar damages by the storm.