Coca-Cola HBC S.A. Completes Acquisition Of Minority Shares In Pivara Skopje With Heineken N.V

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Coca-Cola HBC S.A. announced that it has completed, together with Heineken N.V. (Heineken), the acquisition of 41.2% of minority shares in their joint venture company, Pivara Skopje, in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). The total aggregate consideration for the transaction was EUR79.1 million (excluding acquisition costs) which was equally divided between Coca-Cola Hellenic and Heineken. Coca-Cola Hellenic and Heineken now collectively own 96.5% of the shares in Pivara Skopje. Pivara Skopje was established in 1924. In 1998 Coca-Cola Hellenic and Heineken together acquired the majority interest in the company.