Carlsberg Ukraine projects 8% decline in beer sales in 2012

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Carlsberg Ukraine, one of Ukraine’s largest beer producers, projects that its beer sales in 2012 will decline by 8% in volume terms.

However, sales in monetary terms may be 3% up in 2012 mainly due to an increase in prices of beer, Carlsberg Ukraine CEO Peter Chernyshov told reporters in Kyiv on Friday, Dec.14.

Carlsberg Ukraine in 2011 sold 79.58 million decaliters of beer.

In addition, Chernyshov said that, beer sales of Carlsberg Ukraine in volume terms dropped by 8% January through September 2012 year-over-year, to 63.42 million decaliters, while sales in monetary terms increased by 2.1%, to Hr 2.86 billion.

“We see that our sales dropped by 8% in nine months year-over-year, while our net sales in hryvnias were 2% up due to an increase in prices,” he said.