Ukraine. Genuine Draught beer with Baltika

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Since the middle of January 2013 in Ukrainian stores a new beer will appear — Baltika Razlivnoe (Draught). This is a bar beer taste that will be represented in an original glass bottle of 0,44 l in points of sale all over the country. The first pouring of Baltika Razlivnoe was done in late December 2012 at the Kyiv brewery of Carlsberg Ukraine.

Baltika Razlivnoe is a light lager with the strength of 5,3% and density of 12%. The new beer has a mild and really fresh taste and is easily drinkable. Another feature of Baltika Razlivnoe is a thick dense froth as the normal keg beer has. The price for the new Baltika type in Ukrainian points of sale shall be about 7 UAH.

The beer Baltika Razlivnoe is brewed according to the special recipe using a complex hopping technology that requires adding several kinds of hop products at different stages of production. The aromatic hop is added in two steps — at the beginning and at the end of wort boiling, and at the second stage it is added during beer filtration.

Baltika Razlivnoe first appeared in Ukrainian stores in August this year. This was the first batch of the product imported from Russia.

The new draught beer has a peculiar taste and flavor. Sometimes people really want to enjoy exactly this bar beer kind at home. Baltika offers such a possibility to Ukrainian consumers launching a new premium beer type — Baltika Razlivnoe.

At the moment in Ukraine the portfolio of the brand Baltika includes four types: Baltika 0 Non-Alcoholic, Baltika №3 Classic, Baltika №7 Export and Baltika №9 Strong.

AC Nielsen states that in September 2012 according to the results of the first 9 months of the current year the brand share in the premium segment was 26% by volume and 28% by value.

Dmitriy Chaban, the Marketing Manager of the company Carlsberg Ukraine:“A new type of Baltika is created in order to offer beer admirers a chance to savor the genuine taste of the draught beverage wherever they like rather than in a bar only. Baltika Razlivnoe means a rich, genuine taste of bar pastime you might enjoy at home”.