Last year, Compa??a Cervecera Spent 2.4 Million Euros in Actions Aimed to Promote Sustainable Development

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The company’s 2012 Sustainable Development Report highlights the progress in innovation and efficient resource management

– This investment represents 13.4% of its operating profit and emphasises its involvement in environmental, social and economic matters

– Managing director Mark Tindall highlights sustainable development as an integral part of the way the company operates in all its activities

Canary Islands, January 28, 2013. – Last year, Compa??a Cervecera de Canarias spent 2.4 million euros, 13.4% of its operating profit, on actions aimed at promoting sustainable development, as reflected in its last report for last year.

This 2012 Sustainable Development Report summarises the main sustainability developments and evaluates the various actions undertaken in environmental, social and economic matters, while including a detailed description of the goals for the following year in an exercise of commitment and transparency.

The document is a testament of the company’s philosophy since, as the managing director of Compa??a Cervecera Mark Tindall says, “sustainable development is an integral part of the way the company operates”. In this regard, he states, there is an emphasis on the efficient use of natural resources and on promoting economic growth and social development.

Towards this goal, he added, the company has invested in the factories in the past year in order to guarantee the production of the highest quality beer, and innovation for the satisfaction of both customers and consumers. There have also been great efforts in training and workforce development, and in the company’s compromise with the Canarian society’s well-being. All this, he added, is “aiming at being a responsible company, compromised with the community around it”.

Economic contribution
Independent studies indicate that the company’s activities are directly or indirectly responsible for about 7,000 jobs, and it contributes an added value of 182 million euros to the economy.

The report also mentions the company’s contribution to other sectors that are not directly related to the brewery sector, such as farming and cattle breeding, non-profit organisations and cultural and sports sectors.

In line with its sustainable development policy, Compa??a Cervecera continues to emphasise the promotion of business development in the value chain by influencing the use of local suppliers and encouraging the economic development of the Islands. In this regard, it is worth noting the use of 930 providers, of which 619 were local.

Among the actions taken in the past year, the commitment for the efficient use of natural resources stands out, resulting in a 9% reduction in the amount of water used for beer production and a 4% reduction in energy use, thanks to various initiatives for improving measurement and control.

Regarding CO2 emissions due to fuel consumption, Compa??a Cervecera achieved a 6% reduction as a result of a set of actions taken to reduce energy use up to 25% more by 2020.

Among Compa??a Cervecera’s goals in the area of sustainability is bottle and container reuse. Last year the company sold 59% of its products in reusable containers, a much higher percentage than the national average, which is 11 points below.

Furthermore, Compa??a Cervecera also has a policy of waste recovery, mainly organic. 13,693 tons of bagasse, yeast and malt powder went to 176 farmers and cattle breeders to be used as fertiliser and animal feed. Also, in spite of limitations in the Canary Islands on recycling certain residues, recycling was 97%.

Action in the community
Community development through social investment is another priority for the company. During the past year there were actions carried out with particular impact on the Islands, in areas such as tourism, rural and landscape development, university research, sports and the development of certain sectors particularly affected by the economic situation.

One of the achievements in this area focused on increasing involvement with various municipalities and private institutions in the Islands, in order to start enhancement and restoration programmes.

There was also an increase in donations to several non-profit organisations dedicated to the integration of disadvantaged groups. The company bet on the training of young Canarians through internship programmes and supported the promotion of culture and sports in the Canary Islands.

About Compa??a Cervecera de Canarias

Compa??a Cervecera is one of the main beer producers nationally and one of the main drivers of economic and social development in the Canary Islands: it directly or indirectly promotes the creation of 7,000 jobs, is a shareholder of several Canarian industrial companies and gives priority to local suppliers to carry on its production activities. The company, part of international group SABMiller, has among its shareholders more than 300 Canarian entrepreneurs that make up about 30% of the total and are represented by two members on the Board of Directors.

Compa??a Cervecera produces its own beer brands Dorada and Tropical, and under licence, Carlsberg; it distributes international brands such as Pilsner Urquell, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Miller Genuine Draft, Guinness and Kilkenny. It also has other beverages such as natural beverage Appletiser and energy drink Red Bull.