Compact dry coolers from GEA: now better tailored to customer requirements

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Bochum (Germany), 04.06.2013 – GEA has expanded its portfolio of offerings for compact dry coolers, in order to better serve in the future the cooling requirements for small and medium-sized gensets. In addition, these compact cooling systems can be effectively used for extensive areas of industrial process technology. These coolers with their modular design are now available as newly developed models with various types of finned-tube geometry for the heat exchangers. Customers can now choose between individually matched materials and specific geometries for the finned tubes, which enables significant functional improvements in the system. For the heat exchanger materials, customers can now select among copper, copper-nickel, as well as among tubes made of stainless steel and C steel with compact ribs consisting of aluminum, copper, or stainless steel. For the light-metal ribs, GEA uses a special PoluAl coating that is especially resistant to chemical substances. The choice of fans has likewise been enlarged to enable quiet, speed-controlled operation – and EC motors are now optional. Some cooler models already offer these highly efficient EC fans as standard features. The majority of compact industrial coolers from GEA is now available both in high- and low-temperature models, with cases made of hot-dip-galvanized steel and epoxy-based, anti-corrosion coating.

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