GEA further develops its modular compact radiators for diesel power plants

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Bochum (Germany), 04.06.2013 – GEA has redesigned its modular compact radiators and has matched their efficiency to that of the individually configurable radiator ranges. The primary application for these Energy Modular Compact Radiators (EMCRs) is the cooling of stationary diesel power plants. The largest model offers cooling duty of more than 2.5 MW. In addition to basically re-engineered structural design – now with horizontal suction featuring single- or dual-row configuration (as required for high- or low-temperature applications) – this range profits from the modular design of the entire product group. With the aid of design software, it is now possible to assemble standard components to highly efficient systems. This standardization leads to favorable acquisition prices, low weight, and smaller dimensions. Sixty available unit lengths and two pre-determined enclosure widths enable a large number of possible enclosure sizes. These upgrades mean that the modular coolers satisfy customer expectations to the maximum feasible degree.

For applications in which noise emissions or energy consumption are of prime importance, special software enables configuration of especially quiet or energy-saving models. A choice of fans is available to achieve low noise emissions. It is likewise possible to configure radiators with large fan diameters and elliptical air-intake. Means of achieving quiet operation include slowly revolving fan drives with variable frequency drive (VFD). More efficient rotor profiles for the fans represent an additional energy-saving option. Large fans also enable greater efficiency: the selection for EMCR models ranges from diameters of 1.2 to approx. 1.9 m. The large enclosures available as a result offer the benefit that fewer tube rows are required for the heat exchangers, which in turn means smaller external pressure drops. For the heat exchangers, high-efficiency finned tubes with PoluAl coating are also available. This coating offers effective protection in industrial environments and against salt-laden air.

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