A brewery of your own? Not too difficult and expensive!

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Why Henrich Schulz?

#1 on the market

Ukrainian market of brewing equipment is rapidly growing and company Henrich Schulz is developing even more rapidly. Since 2003 the team of Henrich Schulz has launched 27 of small brewing factories in Ukraine and implemented more than 20 major projects in Ukraine, as well as in countries of the CIS, Europe, and North America.
In 2011 Henrich Schulz became the sales leader. In 2012-2013 we implemented 37 projects of different scales from small restaurants to industrial mini-plants with large capacity. Over the four months of the current 2014 year, Henrich Schulz has already implemented 4 projects, and 9 more are underway. Nobody of foreign suppliers of brewing equipment can boast of such speed of growth and scales.

We rank first in all markets where our breweries are represented!


Pilsena – transfiguration of kegs

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We have been on the market of beverage dispense equipment for many years and we know that our clients constantly experience lack of kegs. Pilsena has been long providing its partners with service of keg operation maintenance. But the market grew and in 2011 we switched to big production. Currently Pilsena is one of the major trade and industrial players on the keg market. We are always glad to: • Offer you used and new kegs by wholesale and retail. Among our clients there are companies which bought several tens of kegs and big wholesalers with orders for thousands of units. We always have restored and new kegs of different capacity in stock. • Purchase used kegs of DIN and Euro types of various capacity from you. • Restore used kegs - from ordinary washing to complete restoration depending on the client's wish. In order to do it, we built a fully equipped shop floor for the whole range of keg service. For example, the process of keg restoration can include cleaning, dent repairing, puncture wending, polishing, cleaning, deformed keg neck correcting, neck replacing, threading of theadless keg neck, and even capacity changing from 50 liter to 30 or 20 liters. Our armory includes…

Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #3-2013

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Russian beer market in 2013 Author’s note (Interview with Oleg Tinkov) Pilsena – transfiguration of kegs Beer market of Ukraine 2013 A brewery of your own? Not too difficult and expensive! The review of beer market in Belarus

Successful tandem event: drink technology India and International PackTech India line up for the start together for the third time in a row

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Two industries – one trade show

Two industries, one joint exhibition platform: That is the success formula of drink technology India and International PackTech India. These two events are teaming up together for the third time in succession in the Indian city of Mumbai between September 25 and 27, 2014. On show under one roof at the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Center will be products and solutions from and for the International packaging, packaging print, processing, beverages and food industries. For the first time, therefore, these two events will be covering the food-processing segment. (more…)