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Pentair, a global leader in filtration and process technologies, has launched a new concept for monitoring the quality of filled packages at drinktec 2013.
The Haffmans Automator provides an outstanding solution that measures all
relevant quality parameters directly in the filled package in a single measurement cycle.
A major advantage of the new concept is its modular design. In addition to the basic
parameters of oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2), the system can be extended,
according to customer needs, for analysis of alcohol, turbidity, pH value or others. The
minimum analysis configuration includes determination of headspace oxygen (HSO),
dissolved oxygen (DO), total package oxygen (TPO), headspace volume and CO2, using
proven Pentair measuring technology. All measuring data is centrally stored and can also be
linked to an external laboratory management system. The resulting advantages include
strongly reduced labor needs and a fully automated process that offers all relevant test
results using a single device.
Autosampler Saves Time and Improves Quality
The autosampler is a crucial new feature to the Haffmans Automator as it eliminates the needs
for samples to be put into the device separately and processed one-by-one. The system is
equipped with a sample changer that is suitable for the most common glass bottles, PET
bottles and cans. After the sample is loaded onto the autosampler, sample processing is fully
automatic. For the operator this means a significant time saving as he can perform other tasks
while the analysis is running. In addition, due to the reduced labor requirements, more
samples can be analyzed in the same time, which results in a close-meshed quality control.
Pentair Ltd. ( delivers industry-leading products, services and solutions for
its customers’ diverse needs in water and other fluids, thermal management and equipment
protection. With pro forma revenues of approximately $8 billion, Pentair employs more than
30,000 people worldwide.
The state-of-the-art quality control equipment and microfiltration as well as custom-made
solutions for CO2 recovery and management for the brewing, soft drink, wine, bioethanol,
and biogas industries offered under the Haffmans brand may be viewed at
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Pentair Contact:
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