Results of the exhibitor survey

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Volker Kronseder, Chief Executive Officer of Krones AG and Chairman of
the Board of the Exhibitor Advisory Board, Germany: “The omens for
drinktec 2013 were already very promising. The industry has a large and solid
foundation, and our customers want to or must invest. The current development
of demand characterized our expectations correspondingly. And these were
confirmed! In addition to the traditionally strong visitor countries including
Germany, many visitors came from markets outside of Europe and newly
industrialized countries. However, we also recorded numerous representatives
from medium-sized breweries. Our technological innovations evoked
considerable and positive interest among all of our customers. Consequently,
we are fulfilling the demands of the market for sustainable solutions that
preserve the environment and resources as well as being ergonomic, but which
are also profitable at the same time. Stocktaking of our result at drinktec 2013:
Prof.Matthias Niemeyer, Chief Executive Officer of KHS GmbH, Deputy
Chairman of the Board of the Exhibitor Advisory Board, Germany: “drinktec
is an indispensable platform for KHS, which 2013 confirmed once again. We
had enthusiastic customers and interested parties from the whole world. In
addition to discussions on technical subjects, we were able to conclude
negotiations for specific projects. The interest in our innovations was enormous.
The focal points were direct imprinting of PET bottles using the KHS Innoprint,
the packaging system Nature Multi Pack, in which PET bottles are banded
together into multipacks using special glues, our innovative rotary aseptics
system Innosept Asbofill ASR as well as the new can filler series Innofill Can
Heiner Schaefer, Managing Director of Sch?fer F?rderanlagen- und
Maschinenbau GmbH, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Exhibitor
Advisory Board, Germany: “drinktec is the gateway to the world for us as
medium-sized firms. We are heading toward a new contact record this year, and
the internationalism of the visitors has also increased. There is a lot of euphoria,
because people expect new ideas, new stimuli and new impressions from
drinktec. We are confident that the trade fair follow-up business will develop
similarly well. The increasing variety of products is a chance and challenge at
the same time for us as logistics company.”
Richard Clemens, Managing Director of the professional association Food
Processing and Packaging Machinery in the German Engineering
Federation (VDMA), Germany: “Visitors from more than 170 countries
confirmed it once again: drinktec is the global business summit of the beverage
industry. Regardless of whether large corporation or medium-sized exhibitor, all
were more than enthusiastic about the quality and number of trade visitors.
Thanks to the numerous inquiries in an already favorable business environment,
companies can expect substantial investment activity worldwide.”
Alain Vaessen, Marketing Manager, Ateliers Fran?ois, Belgium: “All the
players in the field of drink-technology are gathered here. The drinktec is the
place to be to meet all these people!
Cornelia Kerschbaumer, Marketing Manager of Austria Juice Group,
Austria: “The trade fair is proceeding very well. On one hand, it serves to meet
regular customers, and on the other hand to find new customers. The quality of
the visitors is outstanding, because drinktec is traditionally the meeting place of
the industry.”
Uwe Stoffels, Booth Manager, Ball Packaging Europe, Germany: “drinktec is
a very international trade fair. The thematic structure and the hall layout are also
optimum for us. We can demonstrate our position as an innovative partner
optimally and present our company and services differently as would be
possible in customary customer pitches. The many high-quality discussions will
certainly be reflected in trade fair follow-up business. We were also able to
conclude a few contracts for orders on site.”
Stephan J. Barth, Managing Partner, Joh. Barth & Sohn, Germany: “The
trade fair in itself is a highlight. We are very satisfied with the course of the fair.
We were able to cultivate our relations intensively with existing customers and
friends of our company and establish contact with potential customers in
addition. The increasingly stronger spreading of the craft movement was
apparent in the form of many international visitors and made the trade fair
noticeably more lively and colorful. We were able to use the trade fair optimally
to make it very clear to our customers that our core competency of taste in beer
is based on hops.”
Jens B?hm, Marketing Manager BENEO GmbH, Germany: “drinktec 2013
has been a great success for BENEO. Our approach of offering convenient,
healthy and palatable breakfast drink samples at the “New Beverage Concepts”
innovation platform has raised a lot of interest among both our existing and
potential customer base and representatives from the international press.
drinktec has led to high quality meetings, with a clear focus on the development
of innovative customer focused beverage solutions. We are looking forward to
Dr. Klaus Stadler, Director Environment & Water Resources Europe Group,
Germany: “The complete Coca-Cola world comes together at drinktec every
four years. This was also the case this time. We were represented here with
approximately 800 people – bottlers as well as employees of the Coca-Cola
Company. The technical managers look for new machines at drinktec, and the
marketing people look for new ideas from the flavor companies. In addition,
there are management and strategy meetings, and our colleagues from Atlanta
support the bottlers with ideas and concepts. This meeting of the Coca-Cola
family is unique in this form worldwide.”
Oliver Hoffmann, Head of Group Marketing, D?hler, Germany: “drinktec is
especially significant for us. A compliment to the trade fair company too,
because drinktec is also one of the best marketed trade fairs. You meet a very
wide range of decision-makers here. Company owners and CEOs come with
their complete management staff. We do not treat any other trade fair with such
intensiveness and so much work. For example, our booth concept is developed
anew each time. This time, we had different topic islands for various beverage
sectors. With our new innovation platform, we try to win over young companies
and start-ups with good ideas for cooperative ventures. One focal point of our
exhibition was on cereal malt ingredients, i.e., malt bases and malt extracts for
the brewery and foodstuffs industries.”
Marcus Ley, AVP Corporate Accounts, Ecolab Europe GmbH, Germany:
“drinktec was fun! It provides Ecolab with a platform unique in the world to
present the company and its innovative force to our complete target group
compactly. The experienced internationalization of drinktec fits just right with the
general globalization of brands. We found the again growing number of Asian
visitors to be especially striking. The increasing share of contacts from the dairy
industry is also notable. We met the most important decision-makers of our
global and national customers this year once again. Contract decisions
progressed and high-quality new contacts established. Conclusion: We are
completely satisfied. The effort was worth it. Everyone was there.”
Anja Oltmanns, Marketing Manager, GEA, Germany: “drinktec is a melting
pot of the industry and a leading trade fair for us, both with respect to its size
and significance. There is nothing comparable in any other country. The number
of visitors was considerable higher than in 2009; all were there from craft
brewers to large corporations, and all continents were represented. Overall, it is
a lot livelier than four years ago, and customers are more active and again
willing to invest.”
Pascal-Louis Caillaut, Communication Director, Gebo Cermex, France:
“We are very, very happy to be here. Since the re-establishment of our company
in April of this year, our exhibition at drinktec 2013 is one of the most important
events for us. We are exhibiting for the first time worldwide to our customers
and the public – and drinktec was not selected at random for this event. After all,
it is the most important and most visited trade fair of the industry. We were very
impressed by the high degree of internationalism of the trade fair; visitors came
from everywhere in the world. The quality of discussions was very good and
holds the promise of successful, future business relations.”
Martin Hammerschmid, Managing Director, GERNEP GmbH, Germany: “We
have been represented at drinktec since the start. While the trade fair was
clouded by international events in part in former years, today there is again a
completely positive basic mood. We also see this in the number of visitors. We
are very satisfied and were even able to generate new orders. The dedication of
the trade fair with its numerous global activities before the event pays off and
makes drinktec the uncontested leading trade fair of the industry.”
Michael M?usl, Managing Director, H?mmer Werbung GmbH, Germany:
“We had very many international visitors from Germany and foreign countries at
our booth. The international specialists are very interested in packaging
solutions. It is especially striking that many international decision-makers are at
the trade fair. Many new customers approached us with inquiries. After many
top-rate discussions, we expect corresponding inquires in trade fair follow-up
business. drinktec is the optimum platform for our goal to generate new
customer contacts and cultivate existing ones, and consequently it is extremely
significant for us”
Rufino Landaluce, Managing Director, LANDALUCE S.A., Spain
„drinktec remains the world reference regarding the brewing sector. This year
again most of the relevant companies have attended the exhibition. But even
when there is a big concentration both on brewing groups and suppliers
companies, still the affluence of visitors has been important.”
Martin Hladik, General Manager, Lindr Cooling and Dispensing Systems,
Czech Republic: “Why we came to drinktec for the first time? – Because we
want to be where all our key clients are and acquire new clients. So far we are
very happy about the visitor quality and managed to get a lot of new contacts.
drinktec 2013 definitely met our expectations. Especially, we are satisfied with
the ease of getting our stand build up. drinktec is very well organized. And it is a
necessity for our business. We will definitely come again in 2017.”
William E. Cecil, Vice President Machinery & Automation, Mead Westvaco
Corporation, USA: “I have been to drinktec since 1993. It is the only trade
show our company attends, because it is the most important one of the
beverage industry. The traffic and quality of the visitors rose to a high degree
within the last four years. It seems to me that there are very much decision
makers from Asia, the US, Europe – from everywhere! drinktec is very important
to us: We are a global company and drinktec allows us to send a great message
to all the beverage companies all over the world. In my opinion, drinktec is all
about innovation!”
Sandra Foo, Marketing Manager, NINGBO LEHUI FOOD MACHINERY,
China: “We had two booths at drinktec 2013, one focused on brew technology
and one focused of packaging technology. We will not do this on every fair,
drinktec is special. We meet many visitors from Burma, Mongolia, Indonesia and
Europe, so we are very satisfied with drinktec 2013. It was much better than
2009. All the visitors are professional and you can see drinktec is an
international show. We will absolutely attend at drinktec 2017.”
Olaf M?ller, Vice President, Pentair Food & Beverage, USA: “drinktec 2013
has again confirmed its significance as technology platform and indispensable
industry meeting spot and provided us with the possibility to present all product
groups from Pentair relevant for the foodstuffs and beverage sector together at
one trade fair booth. We were especially pleased about the substantial interest
and the great deal of openness for innovative and sustainable solutions, for
example, our beer membrane filtration. Of course, we are going to participate at
drinktec in 2017 again.”
Philippe Blonda – Marketing & Sales Director Resilux, Belgium: “We have
experienced an exciting exhibition, focusing on the possibilities to show our
products and innovations. We have been able to reinforce our customer
relationship with existing customers and generate new sales leads. The
participation at an international exhibition as the drinktec will help us to increase
the market awareness of Resilux as a valuable partner in PET packaging.”
Pietro Cassani, General Manager, SACMI Group, Italy: “SACMI already knew
that drinktec is the world’s most important beverage industry event… but the
2013 edition exceeded even our most optimistic expectations! SACMI presented
several cutting-edge innovations. All these systems, especially the production
line, attracted huge numbers of visitors to the SACMI booth, as did the
reputation of drinktec itself, which drew decision-makers and top-level beverage
industry personnel from all over the globe.”
Gunther Walden, Head of the Foodstuffs and Beverage Division at
Siemens Industry, Germany: “drinktec remains unchanged the leading trade
fair of the industry. We presented innovative solutions for the beverage industry
to numerous visitors and decision-makers at our booth, and consequently
provided a good overview of our comprehensive offer for the automation and
F&B industry sectors. Main topics were energy efficiency as well as productivity
increases thanks to interlinking automation and industry software. We are very
satisfied with our participation at the trade fair.”
Mongi Goundi, Managing Director, Sinalco International, Germany: “We
have now participated in drinktec for the third time, and the trade fair remains
the most important industry meeting place for us. This has been demonstrated
above all by the very high degree of internationalism of the visitors this year. We
are very happy that we were able to welcome customers from Myanmar, Qatar,
Algeria and Africa at our booths. This is certainly also due to the outstanding
preparation of and collaboration with Messe M?nchen; many requested to
schedule appointments with us already in advance of drinktec. Sinalco would
definitively also be interested in participating in international events of drinktec.”
Luigi Panzetti, Managing Director, System Group, Italy: “System Logistics is
pleased to return to Munich after beginning our drinktec experience four years
ago. The beverage world is increasing its interest in automated systems for
intralogistics, and the level of investment is growing. The great names of the
beverage industry have been visiting our booth. We believe this fair is the best
opportunity to meet customers from the beverage industry, to discuss strategic
issues related to their future developments, including automation to support
growth and efficiency.”
Zhang Songning, President, Tech-Long, China: “We are very satisfied with
the results of drinktec 2013. We had talks with visitors from Japan, Korea, USA,
South American and Europe, especially Germany. We will create new potential
clients. Our fair highlight was the turn key solution provider. We had many
interested visitors for them. Also I can say that we will attend the drinktec 2017.”
Volker Till, CEO, Till GmbH, Germany: “drinktec is the ideal platform for
innovative companies like ours to present new technologies to market leaders of
the global beverage industry. We are more than satisfied with the course of the
trade fair, were able to establish new contacts and have achieved all of our set
goals. Digital printing was definitively a highlight of the trade fair. Although we
exhibited at the fair for the first time this year, we were able to record an
extremely high degree of interest. drinktec has an extremely important position
in our marketing mix, and we also hope to present successful new technologies
in 2017.”
Mehmet Sen, Product Director, Ugur Cooling Inc., Turkey: “drinktec is the
trade fair highlight in our marketing mix. We are convinced of the value of
visitors and their overall quality. We use drinktec to meet all of our international
key accounts and present our innovations to a wide-ranging audience. Our
focus on sustainability and efficiency matches the main theme of drinktec.“
Heinrich Sievers, Managing Director, WILD, Germany: “First of all, I would
like to thank the trade fair company, because they publicized drinktec in the
emerging markets in advance of the fair as promised. I have never been able to
welcome so many customers and interested parties from the Middle East, Asia,
Africa and Eastern Europe at our booth. We surpassed our trade fair objectives
by far thanks to highly interesting contacts and projects.
Of course, we are also going to take part in 2017.”
Volker Mewes, Authorized Signatory, ZIEMANN International GmbH,
Germany: “We are very satisfied with the number of visitors this year, the
internationalism and above all the quality of discussions held. Orders submitted
during the trade fair also give us reason to remain optimistic about the future.
There’s no question that we will again be present at drinktec in 2017.”
The next drinktec will take place from 11 to 15 September 2017.