Five orders within four years

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The brewery Vizit, Russia has placed an order with Ziemann for another ten tanks
Ziemann International GmbH has been awarded a contract by the Russian brewery Vizit for the supply and installation of ten fermentation and storage tanks. „It is already the fifth order from the brewery Vizit within the last four years. This once again underlines the top quality of our tanks”, said Mr. Karl Butzmann, Managing Director of Ziemann.
The brewery Vizit is located in Kusnezk, about 800 kilometres south-east of Moscow. The Open joint-stock brewery, whose roots go back to the year 1947, focuses on the sale and distribution of its products in Moscow as well as in the Volga Region. With this strategy, the brewery with its top brands “Vizit”, “Beloff” and “Nulloff”, operates very successfully in the challenging Russian beer market. Currently, the brewery has an output of about 400,000 hectolitres per year.

Three meters in diameter and a total volume of 658 hectolitres
The continuous investments in the brewery’s fermentation and storage capacities are a visible sign of its successful operation. The brewery ordered its first tanks, with a diameter of three metres and a total volume of 658 hectolitres, from Ziemann in January 2010. Since then, the brewery has placed three more tank orders. Ziemann will deliver the recent ten tanks to Russia in week 33 of 2014.

From the brewhouse to the bright beer tank cellar – Ziemann offers tailor-made solutions for small craft breweries as well as for large-scale breweries. The product range in the brewhouse covers the malt intake, mills, mashing vessels, lauter tuns, mash filters, wort kettles and the whirlpool up to the wort cooling. For the cold block area Ziemann offers fermentation and storage tanks, bright beer tanks, yeast and water tanks as well as the required process technology. For modernizations, capacity expansions as well as for completely new brewery plants – Ziemann International GmbH provides innovative solutions and is a competent and reliable partner.
Ziemann International GmbH has become a member of the China International Marine Container (CIMC) Group since August 2012 and within this group is a 100% subsidiary of the Dutch CIMC Enric Tank and Process B.V.