GEA at Chillventa 2014 – innovations for cooling and climate control

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At their joint stand at Chillventa 2014, the International Trade Fair for Refrigeration, Air conditioning, Ventilation, and Heat Pumps, GEA Heat Exchangers and GEA Refrigeration Technologies will present innovative solutions for cooling and climate control.

Presentations by GEA Heat Exchangers will include new GEA Denco equipment for climate control of computer centers, heat exchangers for building services, redesigned industrial GEA Goedhardt air coolers, as well as GEA K?ba air coolers for the refrigeration of food and beverages. GEA Heat Exchangers will also present new GEA Searle gas coolers. The new GEA CAIR®pool series from the area of climate control will also be in the spotlight:

40 % less power consumption with the GEA CAIR®pool series of swimming-pool climate-control systems
GEA Heat Exchangers replaces the previous swimming-pool climate-control CAIR®fricostar range by its new GEA CAIR®pool series with its completely new internal configuration and highly efficient components. The new engineering design leads to significantly less corrosion susceptibility and reduces the danger of pollutant emission into the swimming pool. The GEA CAIR®pool series also reduces power consumption by approx. 40 % compared to standard market solutions. The gains in efficiency are the results of such improvements as EC fans, inverter-controlled compressors, electronic expansion valves, and a new closed-loop control strategy. With respect to various application and installation situations, the user has a choice of extraordinarily efficient double-plate heat exchangers, small-footprint Power Tubes, and even liquid-coupled energy recovery systems. The last-stated possibility enables heat recovery in configurations with separate installation of supply-air and extract-air units. With 13 model sizes, the series covers the entire spectrum of requirements: private swimming pools, wellness facilities and hotel pools, as well as public swimming pools and leisure centers. Accordingly, models are available with maximum air flow of 800 m?/h for the smallest units, up to approx. 36,000 m?/h for the largest models.

GEA Refrigeration Technologies, on the occasion of Chillventa 2014, will introduce a number of new developments: for example, it will premiere the new F28, an open GEA Bock piston compressor. The innovations will also include the GEA BluGenium chiller series (maximum cooling duty of approx. 280 to 1200 kW), with its outstanding European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ESEER value) of approx. 9.5. Likewise new is the compact G100 ice generator, made of stainless steel. The new GEA Omni control system will also surely draw the keen attention of the public.
GEA Omni™ – a control system for refrigeration and gas compression facilities
In its development of the GEA Omni™ control system, GEA Refrigeration Technologies has placed top priority on simple and intuitive operator action. This is possible by the HD multi-touch color display, which not only shows text and images clearly, but also enables context-sensitive menu navigation. This means that operators can easily find their way without a long learning curve. The product is called “GEA Omni” because it is an open system that can control the components of a refrigeration facility or a gas compressor facility – and not only GEA equipment, but also that of other manufacturers. Separate, auxiliary control systems for periphery components are therefore often unnecessary. Various maintenance functions, the support of common industrial communication standards, and a clearly organized panel simplify initial startup and plant service.

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