ZIEMANN at BrauBeviale 2014

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Fair exhibits focused on Ice Age and Lotus

ZIEMANN International GmbH in Ludwigsburg will be focusing on two very interesting process innovations at BrauBeviale 2014 with “Ice Age” and “Lotus”.

Ice Age permits the regenerative cooling of brewery equipment. At the heart of the procedure is the storage of natural cold in the form of artificially generated snow, which produces cold water when melting, thus supplying the brewery consumers with cooling energy. In this regenerative way, Ice Age achieves a COP (coefficient of performance) that is 50 to 70 times higher than that achieved by a standard brewery cooling system.

The new Lotus lauter tun design means that, given the required performance and wort quality, the source area per outlet can be extended up to at least 2.5 m2. This means that Lotus ideally meets the current requirements for a lauter tun. As the international market for artisan beer speciality brewing is booming, a lauter tun must not only be able to process a variety of charges and original worts efficiently, but also have a “simple and smart” design. Apart from lauter tuns, Ziemann also offers proven mash filter technology.

Moreover, Ziemann will demonstrate at the BrauBeviale that the company offers custom-made solutions for both artisan and large-scale breweries – from the brewhouse to the pressure tank cellar. The range of brewhouse offers ranges from malt supply via the grist mill, mash vessels, lauter tuns, mash filters, wort kettles and the whirlpool to the wort-cooling facilities. The cooling block is also fully covered, i.e. fermentation and storage tanks, pressure tanks, yeast and water tanks and the necessary process technology. Last but not least, Ziemann is a highly sought-after partner when it comes to the modernisation, capacity extension or turn-key construction of a brewery.

Hall 6, Stand 100

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