ZIEMANN at the BrauBeviale 2014

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Holistic energy management covers heat and cooling demand of a brewery with renewable energy sources, with ICE AGE being an interesting part of this concept

With the ‘Brewery of the 21st Century’ ZIEMANN International GmbH, Ludwigsburg is creating the infrastructure to convert a brewery completely or partially to renewable energy sources. The operation with renewable energy sources includes the heating and cooling of a brewery. Ziemann will be presenting this concept together with the natural cooling technology ICE AGE at the BrauBeviale. This holistic approach fundamentally differentiates the ZIEMANN concept from all energy storage solutions previously presented on the market.

At the heart of the ‘Brewery of the 21st Century’ are intelligent hot water storage tanks and distribution circuits, with all consumers supplied ‘just in time’. With 120° C and 95° C, the distribution circuits cover the two most important temperature levels of the hot-water operated brewing process. The circuits are fed by a consistent heat recovery system and renewable sources, such as solar heat, biogas or geothermal energy. The respective heat source is incorporated into the heat circuits as a modular unit. This facilitates the heat supply to a brewery in accordance with the very pragmatic principle of ‘plug, heat and brew’.

The renewable cold generation is ensured via well-tested energy/heating/cooling coupling systems. Ziemann feeds the cooling energy of the bottled beer back to this independent cold storage and distribution circuit and, thus, opens up a previously unused source of cooling.

ICE AGE, another interesting module of this ‘Brewery of the 21st Century’, is one of Ziemann’s main innovation topics at this year’s BrauBeviale. In this process, natural cold is stored in the form of technically generated snow, which generates cold water as it melts. This supplies the consumers within the brewery with cold energy.

The long-term goal of Ziemann’s energy management concept ‘Brewery of the 21st Century’ is a brewery that is independent of fossil fuels, with energy costs that can be predicted in the long term. Ultimately, this allows the master brewer to brew with traditional recipes alongside creating new styles of beers. Partial mashing, long wort boiling times and lower storage temperatures are now economically and ecologically justifiable. In times of internationally increasing demand for beer specialities, this is the key to success for a 21st Century Brewery.

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