Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #4-2014

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Beer market of Kazakhstan in 2014  Beer and Economy of Kazakhstan Beer and weather Beer displaced vodka Development of beer market outlets Production and market development Leading companies’ positions Malt production Abbey beer  Beer and monastic Orders Benedictine roots of beer brands Brewers-Benedictines in Germany The Trappist beer Benedictine Brewers in Europe and the USA Mendicant monks on labels… …and real monks Abbey, but not Catholic? Protestant beer Orthodox beer

Above the roofs of Miltenberg

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Brauhaus Faust: lifting of tanks and vessels into the new brewhouse with truck cranes – painstaking accuracy down to the last millimetre (more…)

Premiere in Texas

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The first US craft brewery with the newest ZIEMANN technology was put into operation on schedule. (more…)