ZIEMANN publishes White Paper on the selection and use of cylindro-conical tanks (CCTs)

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What does the surface roughness of a cylindro-conical fermentation, storage or pressure tank (CCT) actually imply? How do I protect it against weather effects in the long run? Or: Is there an ideal ratio between wort height and vessel diameter? Some of these questions are regularly asked.

ZIEMANN International GmbH has now published a White Paper that answers the most important questions in this regard.
The White Paper “What brewers need to know about the quality characteristics of CCTs – and what must be considered when planning your tank cellar” asks and answers specifically questions concerning relevant standards, material and processing, tank cooling and planning of the tank volume. The paper comprises 13 pages with numerous supporting figures and ZIEMANN also uses it to provide handy hints based on more than 160 years of practical experience in tank construction.

The White Paper can be downloaded free of charge at www.ziemann.com/en/whitepaper.


The ZIEMANN White Paper answers the most important questions regarding the selection and use of CCVs. It can be downloaded free of charge right now. (photo: Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Milton, Delaware, USA)