China. CR Snow has launched a new brewery near Harbin

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The opening ceremony of the new brewery of CR Snow within the project of extending business in remote regions was held on 23 December. The capacity of the new enterprise is 3 million hectoliters of beer per year.

Previously in 2001, the joint venture China Resources Snow Breweries Harbin Co Ltd was opened on the territory of industrial cluster Shangzhi in Harbin. The sales of products of CR Snow have increased in recent years and a small town factory is no longer able to cope with the increased demand for beer.
So, Snow Breweries (Harbin) has decided to build a new brewery at a cost of 1.1 billion yuan in order to expand the production capacity and to meet consumer demand. It is expected that its production capacity will reach 6 million hectoliters per year.
Already 650 million yuan have been invested in the construction of the brewery opened yesterday and its potential production volume amounts to 3 million hectoliters of beer. The enterprise uses advanced brewing technologies and modern production line. The new brewery will provide a basis for further development of CR Snow in Heilongjiang Province.